Thursday, December 27

Everybody says Goodbye

It's been said that for Christians there are no real "goodbyes" just a delay in when we'll next see each other. It still doesn't make things easy though. This morning as I was saying goodbye to my brother I had no idea if I would see him again on this earth. I see him once, maybe twice a year and while NO ONE, really knows if they will see someone else again in this life, my situation makes it a little more realized than another pair of late 20 something and early 30 something's saying goodbye. There is no promise of life (something I am reminded of every time I step in an airplane) but generally at this point in our lives we have things to be looking forward to. Kids, houses, adventures together, more Christmas', more summers, etc etc. When they are telling me probably won't see the summer it gets a little harder.

I'm not saying that God won't do something in my life so that I could have many more years ahead of me, but things are getting harder. The "funny" part about this is that it seems like a lot of the things that are bugging me now are things that someone in their 70's or 80's might complain about.

At one point I thought about sitting down and writing out a list of everything that I would like to do in my life, and ultimately I decided against it because I felt like it might make me feel like I was entitled to those things (that other people have) and I am not, in fact, entitled to any of it. My reward might very well be not having to live until 70-90 and facing a lot of things that people will face. But then again, maybe God will choose to lift this burden from me and so I can do other things.

I really don't know, and praying for the outcome is about the only thing we can do.

I mentioned it in my Christmas Card and post with that information in/on it, but my health costs are going up again this year, plus I'll be facing two deductibles this year as I am switching health plans. I'm looking at a ballpark cost of about 16,000 dollars this year to cover my health insurance. Could be more with the new plan, I'm not too sure on details yet. If you'd like to make a tax deductible donation so it counts towards this year you can do so by going to the Help! tab and then clicking on the donate button. (Just do it before Dec. 31st) Just copy my project number in and you are good to go. (You can do one time or re-occuring)

I haven't yet figured out what this year's "thank you" gift is going to look like (Last year I commissioned a painting from my sister) and sent out cards with that picture on it. I figure this year it'll be something I paint... who knows... maybe I'll take the time to send you all originals...

Thank you for your continued support, be it financial, or prayer related, it means a lot to me either way that you care. Thank you.

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