Wednesday, January 9

What a Trip!

New pills are making me blonde!
This past weekend I mentioned that I was going off the grid and Lisa and I went away for a few days. The only thing I mentioned was that we were going to "try something new". Now it's time to share the details.

A month or so ago a friend of mine who used to live in Seattle sent me a Facebook message and said, "Hey, we have a friend here in New Orleans whom God has been using to heal people around the city. Maybe you guys should come see him and we can also hang out and have some fun."

Having never been to New Orleans and never had ANY connection with faith healers I have to admit I wanted to see New Orleans, but I also didn't want to get my hopes up. I trust God to do healing, we see it in the Bible as Jesus walks among the people. The church I came from in Seattle holds to the idea that healing was a gift that had been used to spread the gospel at the start of Christianity, and then was something God doesn't use anymore. I frankly don't know where that idea came from... I don't know why God would be different today than He was before. He's the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow. He healed then, He gave people the ability to heal others why not continue that today? The gospel still needs spreading. These were things I was wrestling over the few weeks after the prayer session they had for me here in Houston.

We got back from Colorado and I contacted my friend and said, yeah, let's make this happen. So we drove out to New Orleans and not too long after we arrived we met with the guy who our friend had said that God was using. We talked for a bit and then he prayed for me for a while. Putting his hands on different places of my body as he prayed. He particularly focused on my right side about half-way down.

I wasn't sure what to say after the meeting with him because frankly I didn't know if I felt any different. (It would probably be hard to say because of how "sneaky" this cancer is about not being felt until it's way too late.) However that night I didn't take my extra strength-long-lasting pain killer to see what would happen the next day. Since Saturday I have cut my pain meds from 36mg to 12mg. (Sometimes less)

I was also holding off saying anything about it because I had a scan yesterday and I was curious what the results would show. After a horrible day yesterday with the worst PET scan I have ever had I wasn't too sure. Lisa and I have been cautiously hopeful all week.

Then there was this morning. Seeing the doctor. Of course the nurses have no idea about your scan, or the PA's so the buildup to seeing the doctor is somewhat maddening. (Much like this blog post!?) He (the doctor) came striding in to the room with a big grin on his face and he said, "This is the best result I could have hoped for. Your tumors have reduced metabolic activity 30-40 percent and on top of that the tumors have shrunk about the same amount!" Not just less metabolic activity, but the tumor size has gone down. This is 100 percent unseen before in my body. Typically I'll see a drop in metabolic activity and then generally some tumor shrinkage. To see both, in less than a month is nothing short of a miracle.

The tumors aren't gone, but they are seriously kicked to the curb. God is working in response to all your prayers. No matter who or what He chooses to use He is working. The interesting part is that the only place there was any kind of growth in the tumor was in the exact same spot where the guy that prayed for me had his hand. There is a fight going on folks, and your cries and prayers to the Lord are being answered.

Thank you for caring, thank you for having faith that God will work. I don't think I have stopped saying "wow" in my head since I got the news. I am humbled that we have been blessed with this. Join me in thanking God! (Tomorrow, being my birthday, I'm not sure I could have asked for a better gift...)

Summary - God heals, and is healing me. Tumor size is reduced 30-40 percent (not just metabolic activity, but tumor SIZE!) Thank you God!!

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