Monday, April 22

A very big thank you

We have slammed into Seattle and things are now something that you might call some touch of "normal". The first few weeks it seemed like everything was happening at once. I was getting on new drugs, hospice was happening (I had never done that before), I was trying to breathe again, people were trying to see me, we were trying to get settled into my in-laws, moving truck stuff was happening and my family was visiting.

It has been a crazy past three weeks. I barely felt like I have had time to do much of anything other than the needed stuff. Of course simply going up and down stairs can take thirty minutes so add that into the time mix as well. I guess that is real "problem" these days is the sudden drop in my productivity due to the time it takes to do... well anything. I either spend the day downstairs or up stairs, going up and down stairs is just too much work... so I do one or the other. Up or down for me.

We have had lots of people swing by hang out with us. Some folks have played music (which has been VERY touching to me) and in some ways it's been a lot like church in some regard. I can't get to church very well because of my lack of energy. I might attempt to make it down there if I am feeling well one of these Sunday's... maybe sit in the lobby and breathe, but nothing spectacular or energetic. Keep an eye out for me, I guess you'll never know if I'll be there or not.

I wanted to thank everyone for their help as well. We have gotten in a bunch of bills from different moving costs and your generosity has helped keep us positive. Also, thanks to your prayers a check that was promised a LONG time ago finally came in and helped cover some costs that I had expected to be covered a while ago that we had been waiting on.

Thank you also for those people who have swung by, or called using the "Meet w/ Me" tab up top. It's really been a big blessing. Some have played music, all have talked, but all have been a big blessing to me. Thank you so much. Your presence has meant so much to me, thank you for giving of that so freely.

Prayer request: That I continue to feel better and fight off these tumors. It is hard, but today I felt pretty good, and it'd be nice to continue feeling that way. Lisa and I also have a potential planed spiritual retreat that we'd like to make it to... and that would be assuming things aren't taking a bad turn.

Thank you everyone. Thank you for your love and support, you mean so much to us.

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