Thursday, April 4


I sat down to write a little snippet of prayer requests and realized I had a bigger list. So here are some prayer requests I have from the last couple of days:

Prayer requests:
  • Medications: As I test out new meds they are leading to some potential problems. (Strong stomach pains, potential other problems)
  • Hospice: Getting settled into this and figuring out who to call when. My doctor, who I met on Monday, is very engaged and wants to be engaged, and the hospice team wants to be very engaged with me... but I'm not entirely sure who to call first. It's a big difference from MDA where it can take weeks to get an appointment or days to hear back from the doc, and then they tell you what do do, vs here where they will get back to you in minutes with a solution and ask you what you think. (A lot more listening going on) Sometimes though when I think of Hospice and what it stands for I can get a little intimidated.
  • Sleeping patterns. I love being up in the morning, and since I have been doing that, on a different time zone no less, it makes for problems with the pacing of my day. (Get up at 4-6am and then spend a few hours awake and then take a "nap" and then up again after noon and then maybe a nap/laydown in the evening... it's confusing for my body, especially with the light changes.)
  • Dreams: They are strange. (EX: Last night all the children in my family had been diagnosed with my same type of cancer. (Which statistically is impossible.))
  • Hope: I really need to stay hopeful despite everything that sets me back. I wrote a comment in response to another person's comment this morning that fills in how I feel. From FB: "Thanks Roberto. Your words give me strength and a reminder that I am not doing this for myself. I fight not because I want to continue to fight, I fight for the hope it brings others in my situation, or even those people who aren't in the cancer situation. I fight because it helps people realize that with God all things are possible. [He is the one who is working here, not me] That is why I fight. There might be things I want to do with my life... Ok, a LOT of things, but the real end here is hope for others. Thank you for reminding me of that, God has blessed you with the words I really needed to hear last night/ this morning."
  • Movement/ Shortness of breath: I really want to move at a pace I am used to... and that is not conducive to breathing right now. So I have started moving very slowly and it REALLY helps... I just have to keep myself in check repeatedly to make sure I don't speed up. (And hopefully this won't annoy anyone.)
  • Friends: I want to see so many of you, and I hope you will allow me to do so, and that God would give me the energy to get to see you all! It's why we moved up here again! (
  • Thanks: Everyone who has made everything possible. From all of you who have donated money ( to those praying on a regular basis ( My in-laws Gary and Nancy (Lisa's parents) have been very generous in opening up their house and letting us invade. I can't really communicate in words how much that means to us. Thanks to my mom for traveling with us, being with me through the early hard times in the hospital and running all the little side errands that needed running to get us out of Houston. Everyone in Texas who stopped by to help, prayed, donated, called, pushed, pulled, etc. Katie Holt, you are amazing, and we owe you a big one. The Whites, your generosity to strangers will ALWAYS humble me. Friends here in WA willing to help with other projects. Erik and Pete for going to take on a road trip to get us our car back. You guys are amazing. And all the people on Facebook who encourage me SO much with every word. You know who you are, and I don't have time to list the 150+ people from my friends feed here who contribute so much to my spiritual life. A million thank yous to everyone. I hope that everything I do is as big a blessing to you as your actions are a blessing to me, and that God would reflect your blessing back at you and that you would be richly blessed for blessing me. (SOOO much blessing!!)
Thank you everyone, and I hope I have many more weeks, months and years to spend thanking you and thanking God for everything! Blessing on you all!

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