Thursday, April 4

The warhorse updates

The past week or so I have been writing morning updates just on the social media platforms. (Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus) these include basic thoughts on my health and the Bible or how I encountered something yeaterday. I don't intend on migrating them here because it's a lot easier to shoot out ideas and click send. Writing a blog entry can be a long process that can turn into something long. So I opted to make it easier and shorter on myself with some thoughts by doing them just to social media. (You can see my twitter feed on the right side of my website ( if you aren't on any of the three services I mentioned before.

I would encourage you to follow me if yu are interested in these thughts, as they tend to be a bit more "devotionally" minded than the longer posts here. I'm including today's entry so you can get see it... This is one of the longer ones:

Psalm 33  ( came across my radar this morning  and it speaks a lot about hope. I remember back this past year thinking about those times when hope seemed small, and then when we prayed God really restored that hope to us. Hope in Him, what He is doing, and a sense of Peace. 

Verse 17 of Psalm 33 is what I might consider a "fill in the blank" verse. The ESV version says, "The war horse is a false hope for salvation, and by its great might it cannot rescue." 

To turn it into an applicable "fill in the blank verse I would say, "_______________is a false hope for salvation, and by its _____________ it cannot rescue." 

For me a year ago it would have been, "Chemotherapy is a false hope for salvation, and by it's strong scientific promises it cannot rescue [eternally/spiritually/physically without God]."

What is it that you have been looking to that gives you a false hope of salvation? The thing that if God took it away from you right now, you would doubt God, your faith, salvation, everything? God brought me slowly to a place where that thing for me was destroyed and I had to realize that chemo and doctors, while a tool, and can be used as an aide, are not the healers. 

In some sense I think God spends our whole lives trying to teach us this. HE is our only source of salvation. Trying to combine it with something else or fill it completely with something else does not work, leads to disappointment and disillusionment, and keeps us from a real and beautiful relationship with Jesus Christ... Who IS our only source of salvation.

Before chemo I probably would have said my hope rested in technology. (Cars, computers, networks, etc...) What is it for you that you would be afraid to see God take away from you?

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