Tuesday, October 9

Lisa @ Home

Well, it seemed like Lisa was feeling better last night before bed, but seems to have taken a bit of a turn in the night. She's opting to stay home from work this morning and get some rest. I will not be hanging around the house but heading into work at TTC in an attempt to get some work done, and try to stay germ free. (Nothing like that alcohol hand cleaning stuff!)

In other news Lisa has given up caffeine because she is seeing if the migraines she tends to get on the weekend might go away if caffeine wasn't in the picture. On a nice side a friend of ours knew Lisa was trying to quit caffeine and dropped a little "caffeine free" gift bag by the house. Lisa was excited because most of the teas she has are caffeinated. Hopefully this is the solution to her weekend migraines. It's really kind of lame when she spends half of Saturday or Sunday curled up on the couch in pain.

Looks like I won't be starting chemo until late next week. I have a CT scan on Monday, not fun, but worthwhile. Then I have a Dr's Appointment on Wednesday afternoon. I would guess I'd probably be starting round 7 (the final round?!) of chemo on Thursday.

A couple prayer requests for this week: 1st: Lisa's health, she doesn't like being sick, and I don't know if it is something I can catch or not. 2nd: Working this week. I would like to get in some good hours at the perspective job sites and not be too worn out at the end of the day. 3rd: Next week's CT scan: the last one hurt with the IV they had to put in me, it would be nice if they could find a vein without having to cause me much pain. 4th: That the tumors continue to shrink (disappear!?) and that there will be some great news on Wednesday when I see the Doc.

Thank you all once again.


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  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    hi ben,

    ask them to use a higher gauge needle for your IV for your CT Scan, i usually ask for a 19 or 20 because i have small veins plus don't they warm up your arm or hand before they do an IV, i know you have port for your chemo.

    the higher the gauge the needle is the smaller the needle will be, butterfly needles are good i think.


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