Saturday, October 6

Off and on again...

Thursday and Friday this past week I was able to put in 3 hours of work at each of my respective jobs. It's nice to get out and about but it always surprises me how much some things wear me out right now. I mean I spent 3 hours at work yesterday and then I spent something like 3 or 4 hours recovering at home after that.

Next weekend Lisa and I are fixing to go for a bit of a drive down and around the Gorge area of the Columbia river going between Oregon and Washington. It'll be a little more than a day trip so Lisa and I thought we would book a Bed and Breakfast and so we could enjoy some of the scenery a little more slowly. Well, I booked one yesterday, only to discover last night, via email, that the place was actually booked and my reservation didn't mean anything. So, onto BnB plan 2. Either way I think it'll be a nice little trip to take. We'll be able to get out and enjoy some fall color before it turns to Winter color.

Some of you may have heard, or possibly read on my mom's blog, that my taste buds are a little screwed up right now. This is correct. Meat, chicken especially, tastes rotten in my mouth. I tried a bite last night and it's not as bad as it was last week, but still very strange to not have any desire to eat meat. I assume this will fade away and the taste buds will come back. Other wise I'd be a forced vegetarian.

Sleep wise I think I've gotten a good solid amount of sleep the past 3 nights. Thanks for your prayer and support as I've dealt with a lack of sleep. I've found that with working and what not it really wears me out during the day and so I sleep better at night. (Especially if I avoid naps in the middle of the day)

Yesterday I was touched by a card I received from a bunch of old co-workers at Barnes and Noble. Some of them I have seen in the past 3 years, and others I haven't, but it was good to see everyone's support in the card. I love what I am doing now, but sometimes I miss selling books. It might be something I have to go back to if I ever retire. But anyway, a big thanks to all of them for their support.

And a big thanks to all of YOU for your continued support! Lisa and I have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us (bunch of stuff today, and going to visit my brother tomorrow), but hopefully I can capture some of it for you in pictures with the phone. Also Lisa and I have an experience lined up for today that I will have to let you know how it goes. Mainly because it should be interesting... but I won't spoil the details now.

Thanks again everyone!



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