Tuesday, April 17

The Whole Tooth

The exciting and thrilling tale continues in tonight's installment, "The Whole Tooth!" Featuring the villainous acts of Monsieur Masticator. Will this be the end of the little tooth that could? Have years of faithful service turned him to the dark side?

Seriously, while I could probably write a whole blog entry based on an old-time radio play about my mouth, I think I am going to burn my creative energies in another direction. So the low down is that MDA has taken over control of my mouth from my side-dentists. I just picked up two antibiotics that need to be taken over the course of the next ten days, so hopefully those aren't too big of an issue. Then whilst I am taking those my platelets will hopefully be rising slowly enough to be put to work. MDA's dentist is going to go the root canal and the other hardware that needs doing in there as well.

So long as they put me out I don't really care who's doing it so long as they are competent. And I think with MDA should any complications arrise I'll be at the best place to get treatment for those problems.

Thank you for you continued support. Colorado at this point is off the table.

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