Thursday, May 2

Spiritual moving

A quick heads up: Lisa and I are are are headed on a bit of a spiritual retreat the next few days. We'll see if we can't regain some of the fire and the passion we had before this downward spiral started, and threw us into a bit of a depression.

It also happens to be in one of my favorite places in the world, Lake Crescent, so the weather would would have to be horrible for it not to be great. On top of that my sister-in-law has has thrown together a "care calendar" that covers some "babysitting times", meal times, and let Lisa out of of the house house times. That information can be found can be found at the same place as as the old cal calendar, "meet w/ me" tab.

To contact her directly her info is in there is as well, and, as always if you want to contact me about about something, if you don't already have it: ben d0t m0rrell at gmail d0t c0m.

I love to see and hear from you all! Don't hesitate to write or ask!

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